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Art Of Living Volunteer and Faculty |Project manager in an IT firm|Spiritual being and a learner | Interest are cooking, painting and reading deep mind stuff

My seeking Journey

I am someone from a rural place in Andhra, least influenced by people and society around me with a bundle of whys in mind about will power, existence, life.

I studied in a college which is situated on the way to the Art of Living International Ashram. I heard about it for first time from two of my classmates, I asked to repeat the name again as it sounds so interesting., was so amused, there is something called Art of Living.! I asked so many questions to them what it is all about and what they teach. They explained. Having no knowledge about any NGO or a spiritual Guru, nothing went into my mind. But observing their enthusiasm, and Extra-curricular Performance I wanted to do the course. They told courses happen in Ashram, which is residential. It sounded impossible for me because staying alone away from home is not allowed for, strict upbringing. (My Parents and Guardians dint know anything about Art Of Living and later had a wrong opinion) I dint know about nearby center where courses happen.

Having the thought of doing course in mind, years passed by. One fine day my neighbor gave the pamphlet about the Art of Living course at nearby center. I went and did the course without a second thought.

That life time experience when I did my first Sudarshan Kriya, the feeling of liberation, floating in the air. The course is just Awesome.

On my last day of the course they showed some videos that included the Art Of Living Silver Jubliee Celebrations, watching that my jaws dropped. When I wondered How one single man reached, crores of people, in 151 countries, that very moment I saw the Divine in Him and tears rolled down. It reached 152 countries now.

And there was a Satsang, first time I realized the joy of singing, merging into Divine energy when I participated in it. I found everything is in Art Of Living is so interesting, joyful and uplifting.

Then I happened to attend few other Art Of Living Courses like DSN and Advance Meditation Course and few discourses like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Narada Bhakti Sutra and Ashtavakra Gita. Each course and discourses transformed me. It is the same people and situations around me, before and after the Art of living association, but the perception towards life is changed. Life became a celebration and counting blessings each day.

In this journey I met Sureshji, a Friend, Philosopher, Guide, Mentor, and who supported me to become Art of Living teacher (just in 2 years after my first course).

Everyone felt the same thing after doing the course as I did, that is – I could have joined the course earlier

Having the spiritual seeking still on, I got a clarity for the long lasting question in mind – What is the purpose of the Life?

“The purpose of the life is to be happy and keep others happy”

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